Anthony Consiglio Is Modeling’s Next Star

Anthony Consiglio is not your average influencer. He is a real model and has worked with strong brands all over the world. His client list spans everywhere from Sears, Calvin Klein, and even Hugo Boss. Although modeling is his passion, he is an entrepreneur of all sorts. Anthony’s primary focus is to get to the bag. He even has his own ATM business called Millenial ATM. This allows him to help businesses in more ways than one.

Consiglio’s work ethic will always keep him busy. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has stopped a lot of opportunities for people, but he is optimistic. Staying active is natural for him, and he looks to find new growth opportunities daily. He has even taken an interest in stocks lately. Anthony spends a lot of time day trading to keep his mind working.

Consiglio is going to be on a Forbes list soon if he keeps up all of this work. Take a look at his website today.



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