B. Lotto Releases “Greedy Girls”

Virginia’s own, B. Lotto(@b.lotto) slows it down with his latest visual for “Greedy Girls.” The smooth new ballad features a radio-ready hook and some classic Lotto lyrics. The song is the perfect way to start Women’s History Month. B. Lotto uses his impactful platform to celebrate women and share a new message, unlike the status quo in Hip-Hop. The woman empowerment graphic shows a beautiful woman going through her everyday life with B in the shadows staying out her way!

B. Lotto’s latest string of records has been strong. Coming off the success of “Glitch,” he knows he cannot ever lack. All of his videos have a classy early 2000s feel. He’s just getting started in the music industry, but he’s been creating for years now. There’s a lot of promise in his career. He looks forward to grinding out even more mini-movies and music for his fans.

Peep the 4K video here today!



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