Canada’s Own, Noel Brings The Heat on Flavour

Canadian based, Iraq artist Noel releases “Flavour,” a feel-good, sexy vibe with a double entendre, written during an emotionally driven time in Noel’s life when he felt attached to a few women each for a different reason. Still, when listening closely also speaking to the vices, Noel was beginning to indulge in around that time and which was becoming my favorite flavour.
Noel says, “I hadn’t made music sober in about 2–3 years before making this song, I was around a different scene in my life, a lot of parties, women, drugs, alcohol. A lot of the feelings in those moments came out in this track and the song was completely freestyled. The producer played the beat for me, I got in the booth and just came up with everything on the spot. I’m proud of it being the first single after my EP Doomed.”

Leading up to the “Flavour” release, Noel was keeping busy with shows performing at the events like “To be famed” sponsored by Redbull and Momentum on Vibe Radio. Noel’s last single “Haunted” ran 4 weeks undefeated on Momentum on Vibe, hosted by DJ Andre 905, the official Raptors DJ, and was their top track of November. Noel is not just a musical talent, but a fashion designer with his own clothing brand “C’est La Vie” a luxury streetwear line quickly gained popularity in Toronto garnering three runway shows and four consecutive sold-out releases in the last three years as well as being featured in one of Toronto’s leading fashion stores “Brimz.”



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