Florence El Luche Shines on “M’Pap Pale Trop”

Florence Dure AKA Florence El Luche, has been destined for greatness since she started making music. Her debut song, “Site Non’m,” was a hit that captured the ears of many fans across the globe. It is clear that she is beautiful, but her charming personality and relentless work ethic have made her a phenom. Her music is hugely empowering for women who want to be heard.

Florence is a recording artist and entrepreneur that represents the Haitian hustle. Dure owns various businesses and will continue to be a role model for young women looking to take the path less traveled.

Her most recent track, “M’Pap Pale Trop” is popping on all platforms and has helped her give back to those in need and create a positive impact on those affected by COVID-19.



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