Haitian-American Comedian Success JR. Is Building a Comedic Empire

Ahmad Davis
2 min readMay 7, 2020

Since 2012, Haitian American comedian, Success St. Fleur, has been using his comedy to make a change in the world. At 25, he has now built a strong career off his West Indian roots and the obstacles he faces growing up in America. Today, the Atlanta resident has seen his audience grow with no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Two years ago, Success Jr thought that it was time to make a change, and he quit his day job to pursue comedy full time. His fellow Haitian community embraced his humor, and it spread like wild-fire on social media. Every West Indian adult can enjoy the ‘Mama Jr.’ sketches that hilariously depict the stereotypical mother in the Haitian community. His videos went viral, and he has been all across the country for shows and gigs at different clubs.

Success Jr. & friend/business partner Plus Pierre created a tour that connects all of their fans and gives them the best Haitian comedy experience possible. Andrew Gillium called them to create a social media campaign to help draw the vote in the Haitian community. Next summer, his sitcom “Growing Up Haitian” will air on TV. They are excited to get back on the round after the pandemic is over. Check out their impressive sketches to see what you been missing out on. Lastly, join his online seminar to learn how to become a more efficient social media influencer. Success Jr. is poised to take over the comedic world in the next 2–5 years.