Ioanna Takes Us Back With “Did To Me”

Ahmad Davis
1 min readSep 9, 2021

Ioanna (pronounced “You-wa-na”) is a singer-songwriter/actor hailing
from Toronto ON. Her newest single “Did To Me” is a blast from the past, Dua Lipa-inspired retro track. The 80’s themed song seems like it could have played on any scene on Saved By The Bell. The heartfelt single is about the outcome of a tough relationship. Although love is amazing, some relationships do not make it to the end. This new track is a perfect example of the feelings that can come from a woman scorned by a negligent partner.

Ioanna began branching out into the pop music industry by recording demos for herself as well as for other artists since 2017. Now after working diligently on her craft behind the scenes, exploring her sound, and finding her style, she is on to her next release. Her Greece/Lebanese roots run deep and she is an interesting Pop act to follow coming up in her space. All of her music is streaming well and seems to only be getting better as time goes on.

Check it out here below!