Jayo.B Wants You To Know He’s “Different”

Jordan Gulley, aka Jayo.B, is one of the Bronx’s illest new creatives. Being born on 11–11, his family knew he would always be a lucky guy. His big brother always inspires him to keep making tunes. After listening to rappers like Lil Baby, Young Dolph, and now Pooh Shiesty, he knew there is a lane for his life. Growing up was hard because his block was not forgiving. If you do not find a way to hustle for yourself, no one will help you. He always knew he had to grind on his own.

His latest track, “Different,” shows his gritty side. Although the song is only 2 minutes long, it’s a hit from the jump. The drill scene in NY is huge. He uses his sound to separate from the rest of the pack. He wants to keep getting money and flexing on his haters. His designer clothes and fly cars are always going to shine. He knew that it was time to get to the bag this year. Hitting on all cylinders, his music is going to keep getting better. His track “Different” is a precursor to his upcoming project. After his two stints in prison, he wants his fans to know that 2021 will be a big year for Jayo.B.

Check it out today!



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