KP Borden & Baby Phace Connect on “The Middle”

New Jersey Native KP Borden releases his newest single “The Middle” feat. Baby Phace. The hot single is smooth, sexy R&B with a melodic feel as soon as you click play. The sound is enough to make him stand out, but his attention to detail and diversity not just vocally but also lyricism, which creates a strong sense of longevity and diversity with none of his songs sounding the same.
“The Middle” reflects a recurring feeling that never entirely disappears. A feeling you can’t describe but ruminate constantly. A feeling we’re all familiar with: being caught in the middle.

KP and Babyphace croon about the fork in the road memories. The perpetual feeling of being caught in the middle makes them question their plan of action and growth for experiences yet to come. Will they change from their lingering memories or choose a new path when handling new situations?

“I hope that when people hear this song, they think about where they are on the journey between the person they are, and the person they are trying to become. That is what this song was for me. Being conscious of and letting go of old habits and old ways of thinking so I can begin to like the person I see in the mirror.” — KP

Stream “The Middle” on all DSPs now.




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