NJ’s Top Indian Rapper, Gx Drops “More Content” Trailer

Gx is an independent artist from New Jersey. The Sunshine State representative was born back in the capital of India, New Delhi. Now at 26, he’s ready to show his work after the release of his latest project, ‘Born A King Gx is a self-proclaimed Punjabi who grew up listening to the musical stylings of Nirvana, 2 Chainz, Pearl Jam, and Biggie Smalls. The out of this world music is influenced by all of these fierce American acts.

After receiving spins from top tier stations in the tri-state area, Gx has now used his visuals to push for more traction. His Pixar-like video trailer is intergalactic and transformative in nature. The fans of Gx are even going to be surprised by the newest display of creativity. .’ With his melancholy background tracking, and of course, the signature Gx — style bass, the young artist has made a name with his non-traditional and often cinematic visuals. Innovative, energetic, and refreshing, Gx always promises to bring you something you’ve never heard or seen before.

Check out the captivating trailer below!



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