Nolasko Drops Latin Smash “Pasajero”

Nolasko aka Gil Nolasco Mejias is a Latin artist from the Dominican Republic. In 2006 he moved to NYC and created a label by the name of NOLASCO PROMOTION LLC. After that, he started working with Spanish artists like KEKO FLOW, SAM SAM, and more. After 10 plus years, he created a vibe In 2018. He started writing and making my own music.

He eventually signed a deal with MP ENTERTAINMENT under famous fashion designer, “MARTÍN POLANCO”. From the jump as a child, he always liked music and baseball he used to write songs. Nolasko started using a strategy with his friends he wrote a song for. He is focused on making sure everyone knows his name now. Nolasko is going to turn up for years to come and this single is ready to shine.

Play the smash below!


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