OpeVisualz Is Chicago’s Director X

OpeVisualz aka Kayode Opeifa Jr is a Nigerian born, Chicago bred videographer. His films are strong and have created a lane for him and his business Final Focus Films. The Windy City visual producer has a work ethic unlike anyone else. His willingness to work on his craft while he was at school for something else showed what made him special.

Today, his confidence in his abilities, hehelped him feel comfortable enough to invest more into his career. His main influence is Hype Williams due to his amazing music videos in the early 2000’s. He also enjoys the work of Dave Meyers and Director X due to their intense attention to detail. OpeVisualz color grading and editing skills have put him at the top of his game.

Words From OpeVisualz

“I love the reactions I receive when presenting the work to clients. It’s also fulfilling to be able to help produce content to solve a problem that they have. My entire business model is structured around customer satisfaction,” he said, “All my experiences thus far suggest that I should continue doing what I’m doing.” — OpeVisualz

In the process, OpeVisualz was able to curate “Final Focus Films”, his own label for talented creatives. His awesome collective include graphic designers, cinematographers, editors, colorists, producers, directors, artists, marketers, casting directors, models, and makeup artists. The genius idea to specialize people allowed them to provide the best work possible in their roles. His company now offer customers merchandise, film production, model casting, digital marketing, and digital assets such as tutorials and presets.

As for what’s on the way for the budding director, more creative pieces with a nostalgic element to each. He has projects on the way with JuS, AmaruCloud, and ANoyd, as well as commercial projects. For now, check out his YouTube playlist featuring some of his best work.



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