Paurah is Poised For Success With “Escape”

Paurah, aka Yah-Oadah Jenkins, has been creating hits since she was young. As of late, she has decided that she will be going full-force with her music. Before, she taught English and even worked at various funeral homes. The first track she ever made was for a ceremony. In that industry, she was able to embrace the more morbid side of life. Therefore, becoming a more well-rounded artist was the outcome. After a year off from the world, she is ready to drop her new track, “Escape”.


The Sound Doctrine-produced single will feature a new side of Paurah. Her mature sound is bound to help young creatives see her in a new light. The new track “Escape” can be her biggest song if she places it right. Her team is excited about the release.

Stay tuned for more hits from the upcoming St. Kitts creative, Paurah!



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