Rizzy Rackz Shines Hard On “Papi”

Ahmad Davis
2 min readJan 12, 2022

Rizzy Rackz goes hard in his visual for“Papi” to set the tone for his 2022 campaign. Growing up in a low-income household, it isn’t easy to get the growth you are genuinely looking for as an artist. He grew up seeing a lot of scary moments. As a Virginia resident, he knows it would be huge for him to blow up and put on for Richmond, Virginia. He is solidified in his neighborhood, and his music reflects the very place he grew up. Rizzy Rackz lives by the motto that “failure is not an option.”

Authentic street music is what you can expect from Rizzy. His newest visual, “Papi,” is a statement for everyone that has seen him since the beginning. He’s not playing around when it comes to his craft. After almost losing his 2-year-old daughter to gun violence, he decided that music would be the way to make it out. He wants his family to be safe and protected. His self-awareness as a man and artist help him find creative ways to discuss his experiences. The Jord28n produced banger matches his conversational flow like a glove. Being relatable is a superpower for rappers, and it is something that Rackz has.

Take a look at this Diamond Dot Media-visualized mini-movie for “Papi” below!