South Carolina Multi-Hyphenate Just Listen Isn’t Holding Back This Time Around

Ahmad Davis
1 min readMar 10, 2022

There’s no doubt that the music industry is an ever-changing world of popularity and talent. Amongst the rising stars shines a new icon: Just Listen. With is melodic style and fresh perspectives its no wonder he’s caught the eyes of some of the music industry's biggest names, most notably the multi-platinum recording artist MASE.

Just Listen was born on March 13 in Richmond, Kentucky, and raised in Columbia, South Carolina.

His amazing abilities included vocal narration, cadence control, advanced writing skills, and even engineering. Living in Atlanta, GA and recently signing to Rich Fish Records, Just Listen has garnered the perfect combination of location, leadership and following amassing over a hundred thousand followers in seemingly no time at all.

Preparing to release his debut project Just Listen has been working in multiple industries doing brand partnerships with names such as Sprayground, Rap Snacks and Reason clothing and even selling this own merchandise at

Follow along with his journey on social media @realjustlisten and prepare for his inevitable success in months to come!