The Official ZeZe Is Going up!

Ahmad Davis
2 min readJun 14, 2021

ZEZE is an up-and-coming producer and entrepreneur. The growth is coming as he looks to become a mogul in the game. The Official ZeZe is taking off his moniker, and he looks to become an even better artist over time. Zeze Sun Was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. He a classically trained pianist, specializing in the great works of Beethoven and Mozart. Secondly, he studied music at the University of Washington. He also studied music at the Royal Music Academy in London.

ZEZE owns one of the most prestigious exotic rental car companies in Seattle Washington specializing in Ferrari Lamborghini and Bentley. Z also owns one of the largest stone companies in China having collaborated on projects with the Chinese railroad and their subway construction. This has allowed Z to bring his business talents to The US. Where he is hard at work launching new endeavors with major American business experts such as DJ Bander and others.

ZEZE is now looking forward to using his musical talent in business Acumen to take the music world by storm. He’s currently being mentored by world-renowned Top 100 Sony producer, DJ Bander. ZeZe and DJ Bander plan to release an instrumental single later in the year and develop his Spotify presence!

Check out his page today: